3 Major Tips on Choosing The Right Car Detailing Company For Your Car

Have you asked yourself how much are you willing to pay for a car grooming service? Or have you really sat down and look at the wax solution, equipment you spend on polishing your beloved car? You may be surprise that you actually spend more time and effort than sending them to a car grooming company as most people spent hours to finish polishing a car manually after a car wash.

Read on the tips below to know more how to save your time and money and yet get the professionals to work on your car in the best way forward.

#1 Easy To Maintain Affordable Paint Protection System

The Car Paint Protection System that the workshops used should be of top grade, so minimal maintenance is needed on car owner’s side. If your car is covered with dirt, grime or water stains, you just need water and a cloth, and you are able to bring your car back to shine instantly.

#2 Car Grooming Save Money & Time

A normal car groomer service is not expensive but it depend on how long it can last. Some last for few months to few years and depending if they give warranty to the paint protection service you do. With this service, you can save your precious time polishing your car on every car wash and also save money on the car polishing equipment and solutions that may last for only a few days.

#3 Best All In One Solutions For Your Car

When you send your precious car to a car groomer, you expect more than just a normal car wash. A signature car protection treatment normally include:

- Decontamination wash
- Removal of water marks, bird dropping stains, swirl marks and fine scratches
- Cleaning and Conditioning of Leather
- Door shuts polishing and detailing
- Engine Bay Cleaning
- Cleaning of Dashboard, Door Trims and Pillars
- Rims polishing and Removal of all brake dusts
- and many more.

Do check out the packages they offer before committing. At least, you know what you can expect from the car groomer.

Why Choose Us, Opti-Shine As Your Car Grooming Specialist In Singapore?

Our motto: The Care Of Your Automobiles Is Our Number One Priority!
We have different packages to suit based on your requirements and car types. No matter which package you take, we ensure that we offer our best service, premium product and the attention to details for your car. That is the Opti-Shine promise to you.

With more than 15 years experience in the automotive industry, Opti-Shine understands the struggle that car owners go through, so we are here to help to provide the best we can, saving car owners of their time and effort and enjoy the comfortable ride with their loved ones.

Drop by to our detailing workshop to understand better how the car paint protection service we offer is different from others.
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