Terms & Conditions


All warranties must be issued by Opti-shine Pte Ltd.


Types of coverage

Opti-Shine Pte Ltd warrants the exterior of your vehicle by coating it with our selected range of products under the following terms & conditions; environmental induced contaminants such as bird droppings, tar, tree sap, bug impacts and oxidation into the clear coat. Should these damages occur and all terms and conditions have been met, Opti-Shine Pte Ltd or its appointed agent will rectify the damage under “Limit of Liability.”


Standard Terms & Conditions

The vehicle must be registered under the Land Transport Authority (LTA) as a passenger vehicle for road usage. Other categories of vehicle (e.g.: commercial vehicles) will not be warranted.

An additional fee may be applicable for vehicles more than two weeks old, in cases where a machine polisher determined by Opti-Shine Pte Ltd, is to be used. A machine polisher may also be required for new vehicles, less than 2 weeks old, if advised by Opti-Shine Pte Ltd.

In the event of damages, retreatment of the affected area must be done by Opti-Shine Pte Ltd or its appointed agent at the owner’s expense within 45 days.


Warranty issued is non-transferable.

Should a product reapplication be necessary (e.g.: vehicle accident), there will be a reapplication fee, determined by Opti-Shine Pte Ltd or its appointed agent.
It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to maintain the exterior surface with regular washes to avoid any build up of contamination.

All warranties are subjected to amendment without prior notice.


Types of warranties

Opti-shine offers 2 packages and the duration of the warranty varies accordingly:

Platinum Package               3 years warranty
Titanium Package               5 years warranty


Exclusion of warranties

Opti-Shine Pte Ltd will not be held liable in the following instances:

  1. Failure to maintain the exterior surface of the vehicle due to the owner’s negligence.
  1. Pre-existing damage on the
  1. Damage to the coated surface by a third party (e.g.: incorrect wash techniques, automatic car washes, brushes or contaminated wash tools that may cause abrasion or any other
  1. Swirl marks, marring, scratches, scuffs, scrapes, water spots, chips to the painted surface.
  1. Damages caused by an accident, vandalism, malicious damage, fire, hail, flood, stones, collision, surface rust, rail dust, paint overspray and manufacturer’s defects.
  1. Areas that have not been retreated after a paint repair.
  1. Any loss of time or use of the vehicle while undergoing


6 months quick maintenance

A quick maintenance must be carried out by Opti-Shine Pte Ltd or its appointed agent, on a semi-annually basis (every 6 months once), either before or after the date of the last service to maintain warranty effectiveness.

Failure to keep up with the 6 monthly quick maintenance within the required period will change the period of cover to “2 years” from the date of the last service that cannot be reversed. Once the 2 years has transpired, the warranty will be terminated.

There will be a fee charged by Opti-Shine Pte Ltd or its appointed agent for maintenance not inclusive of exterior wash, decontamination and inspection.

In the event, if protected surface is not properly taken care, under ‘Exclusions’ an option of comprehensive maintenance will be offered at a fee determined by Opti-Shine Pte Ltd or its appointed agent.